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Developer: Jan Hartwig

This is a very challenging word puzzle game. Your goal is to find the right word out of scrambled letters. The game is available in the English and German language. The language is chosen by the language settings of your phone.The perks of this game are:- Very fast gameplay: No unnecessary animations or delays. Enter a word - get your result - directly play on, without any popups or other things which could dampen your game flow!
- Change the difficulty: Getting frustrated with the long words which seem to be impossible to solve? You can change the length of the words between 5 and 12 letters!
- Statistics: Your results (Games, Wins, Losses) are saved on your phone! This means you can keep track of your performance over time. You can reset the score in the settings. To prevent any privacy issues, the statistics are saved locally on your device!
This game is ideal to train fast problem solving skills. In addition to that you can train for test situations in which you encounter scrambled word quizzes!